On Friday January 7, 2011, the Huron Business Professionals oBPA Regionals Winners 2011






On Friday January 7, 2011, the Huron Business Professionals of America (BPA) Chapter traveled to Henry Ford Community College to compete in the annual BPA Regional Leadership Conference 2011.

Out of the 65 members who competed, 56 members qualified for State Conference.  We received a total of 96 awards.  This was one of the most successful regional conference to date!

Here is a summary of awards won:

Total number of awards (including torch):


Total number of torch diplomat awards:


Total number of competition awards*:


    1st place awards**:


    2nd place awards**:


    3rd place awards:


    4th place awards:


    5th place awards:


  6th place awards:




Number of individuals who qualified for states:


Total number of participants



These following individuals participated in the Torch Awards Program and were awarded the Statesmen Torch Awards:

Jing Chai

Amy Chang

Sheeba Pawar

Douglas Yang


Here is a list to recognize those students who won at Regionals:


Baveja, Hanel

Video Production Team (1st)

Prepared Speech (6th)

Bozer, Deren

Computerized Accounting (4th)

Burrison, Jesse

Computerized Accounting (2nd)

Fundamental Accounting (5th)

Cai, Kevin

Small Business Management Team (1st)

Economics Research Project (4th)

Carlson, Ava

Advanced Word Processing Skills (5th)

Basic Office Systems (4th)

Chai, Jing

Admin Support Concepts (5th)

Business Spelling (3rd)

Extemporaneous Speech (2nd)

Interview Skills (2nd)

Chang, Tiffany

Legal Office Procedures (4th)

Chen, Oscar

Financial Analyst Team (2nd)

Columna, Gabriela

Small Business Management Team (1st)

Graphic Design Promotion (1st)

Gibson, Jessica

Fundamental Accounting (2nd)

Goodyear, Bradley

Web Site Team (1st)

C++ Programming (1st)

Guha, Shuvro

Banking and Finance (2nd)

Management/Marketing/HR Concepts (1st)

Han, John

Business Spelling (2nd)

Medical Office Procedures (1st)

Hang, Megan

Basic Office Systems (6th)

Fundamental Word Processing (1st)

Harrison, John

Presentation Management (3rd)

Hastings, Matthew

Computerized Accounting (3rd)

Hong, Brendon

Banking and Finance (4th)

Ji, Emily

Admin Support Research Project (3rd)

Ji, Lena

Advanced Word Processing Skills (4th)

Basic Office Systems (1st)

Financial Math and Analysis (6th)

Josyula, Sunjay

Financial Analyst Team (2nd)

Entrepreneurship (2nd)

Khan, Zubin

Web Site Team (1st)

Fundamental Accounting (1st)

Knutilla, Robert

Video Production Team (1st)

Kuklev, Andrey

C++ Programming (2nd)

Computer Security (1st)

Info Technology Concepts (2nd)

Lee, Hyewon

Small Business Management Team (1st)

Liu, Amy

Web Site Team (1st)

Liu, Stephanie

Business Spelling (5th)

Liu, Yanghe

Banking and Finance (1st)

Liu, Yu-Chen (Jody)

Business Spelling (6th)

Maduko, Nenna

Small Business Management Team (1st)

Marino, Jesus

Graphic Design Promotion (6th)

Massey, Alaxander

Comp. Animation Team (1st)

Mei, Kevin

Web Site Team (1st)

Modepalli, Abhilash

Digital Media (1st)

Na, Christina

Admin Support Team (1st)

Admin Support Concepts (2nd)

Advanced Word Processing Skills (1st)

Business Spelling (4th)

Pan, Chenxi

Financial Analyst Team (2nd)

Economics Research Project (3rd)

Pan, Sussy

Advanced Interview Skills (5th)

Paul, Rohan

Video Production Team (1st)

Pawar, Sheeba

Medical Office Procedures (6th)

Peng, Lauren

Admin Support Team (1st)

Medical Office Procedures (2nd)

Peng, Valerie

Admin Support Team (1st)

Richardson, Gavin

Comp. Animation Team (1st)

Ruan, Lisa

Entrepreneurship (4th)

Simmons, Raymond

Computerized Accounting (5th)

Entrepreneurship (3rd)

Sims, Logan

Fundamental Spreadsheet (5th)

Ward, Brittany

Computerized Accounting (6th)

Fundamental Accounting (3rd)

Wu, Andrew

Database Applications (4th)

Wu, Margaret

Admin Support Team (1st)

Business Spelling (1st)

Integrated Office Applications (2nd)

Yang, Douglas

Medical Office Procedures (5th)

Visual Basic (1st)

Young, Chelsea

Video Production Team (1st)

Yu, Julia

Graphic Design Promotion (4th)

Keyboarding Productions (1st)

Zhang, Sherry

Comp. Animation Team (1st)

Zhao, Renee

Legal Office Procedures (2nd)

Zhao, Rita

Comp. Animation Team (1st)

Zhu, Stephen

Financial Analyst Team (2nd)

Computerized Accounting (1st)

Financial Math and Analysis (2nd)


Contact Information:
Diane Stocker-Bendersky - BPA Advisor
E-mail: stockerb@aaps.k12.mi.us
Phone: (734) 994-2092