Thermochemistry Syllabus (thermochemistry_syllabus.pdf, 123.0 kb, 09-08-2008)
A description of the unit concepts to master, as well as homework assignments.

HOMEWORK:Additional Calorimetry Problems (homework.additionalcalorimetry.pdf, 37.0 kb, 09-08-2008)
These problems must be completed with problem set #6.

NOTES#15/Thermochemistry An Introduction (notes_15thermochemintro.pdf, 38.0 kb, 09-08-2008)

NOTES#16/Thermochemistry Continued (notes_16thermodynamicscont.pdf, 79.0 kb, 09-08-2008)

NOTES#17/Calorimetry (notes_17calorimetry.pdf, 84.0 kb, 09-08-2008)

NOTES#18/Types of Calorimetry Problems (notes_18typescalorimetryproblems.pdf, 46.0 kb, 09-08-2008)

NOTES#19/Standard Enthalpy of Formation (notes_19_standard_enthalpy_of_formation.pdf, 100.0 kb, 09-08-2008)

PRACTICE #1/Thermochemistry (practice_1_thermochemreview.pdf, 65.0 kb, 09-11-2008)
These practice problems will be similar to test problems. Contains full-worked solutions and answers.

PRACTICE#2/Thermochemistry (practice__2_additionalpractice_probs.pdf, 60.0 kb, 09-11-2008)
These practice problems will serve to reinforce the notes we have taken. Contains answer key.

PRACTICE TEST/Thermochemistry (practice_test_thermochemistry.pdf, 67.0 kb, 09-11-2008)
These problems are VERY similar to the FREE RESPONSE questions you can expect on the thermochemistry exam. All worked solutions and answers are included.

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