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 Jennifer Hein, Principal

Department Chairs

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Ms Sarah Andrew-Vaughan
Teacher / English (Department Chair)
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Ms Belinda Balli
Teacher / World Language (Department Chair) / Spanish
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997-1900 x37549

Mr Andrew Collins
Teacher / Science (Department Chair)
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997-1900 x37539

Mr Peter Collins
Teacher / Mathematics (Department Chair)
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Dr Richard Ingram
Teacher / Music (Department Chair) / Choral Director / Piano / Guitar / Humanities
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Ms Linda Jeffries
Teacher / Special Education (Department Chair)
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994-2070 x1

Mr R Ken Long
Teacher / Social Studies (Department Chair)
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997-1900 x37517

Ms Diane Stocker-Bendersky
Teacher / Career & Technical Education (Department Chair) / Business / Co-Webmaster
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997-1900 x37568

Mrs Darlene Tankersley
Teacher / Art (Department Chair) / Humanities
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997-1900 x37599

Ms Amy Van Appledorn
Teacher / Humanities (Department Chair) / Social Studies
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997-1900 x37527

Mr Anthony Whiren
Teacher / Physical Education AND Health & Wellness (Department Chair) / Sports Medicine / Athletic Trainer
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